Tlc dating british tv show

08 Jun

Formed in November 1990 by the equal merger of Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting, Sky became the UK's largest digital subscription television company.Key selling points were the improvement in picture and sound quality, increased number of channels and an interactive service branded called Sky Active, BSky B competed with the ONdigital (later ITV Digital) terrestrial offering and cable services.After the two companies merged, subscribers could get access to both channels, and later the sports channel Sky Sports also became encrypted. The BBC was given the highlights of most of the matches, while BSky B paying £304m for the Premier League rights, would give them a monopoly of all live matches, up to 60 per year from the 1992 season.A few weeks after the deal, ITV went to the High Court to get an injunction as it believed their bid details had been leaked before the decision was taken.

Confirming it had reached its target, the broadcaster said its reach into 36% of households in the UK represented an audience of more than 25m people.

The target was first announced in August 2004, since then an additional 2.4m customers had subscribed to Sky's direct-to-home service.

The switch-over from analogue to digital proceeded relatively quickly.

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